Usually The Bride Gets All The Attention, But This Ring Bearer’s Entrance Stole The Show

The littlest members of a wedding party, the flower girl and ring bearer, often get plenty of reactions of “aww” while they walk down the aisle, but the little guy in this video got loads of laughs for making quite a unique entrance. Hey, you never know what kids are going to do in these situations — despite all the coaching you might provide, they’re totally wild cards.

Will a ring bearer or flower girl get stage fright and refuse to walk down the aise? Will they lose their way halfway down or forget what they’re supposed to do? Literally, anything can happen. And many times these little snafus provide the most memorable moments.

In this video, first we see a flower girl and ring bearer make their way down the aisle, holding hands and looking fairly poised, until the boy notices the family member holding the video camera. Then he makes a beeline straight toward it! He manages to get back on track and makes it to the destination, which is all very cute.

But wait, there’s more! A woman sitting in front signals for another child to come down and the sweetest little guy in a full tuxedo and top hat appears. Everyone laughs as he clearly needs some coaxing to make the journey, at first hesitating to look around at everyone’s reactions.


Once he’s taken that all in, he’s off and running, as he expresses himself loudly and, at first, it’s unclear if he’s going to cry or not, but then he stops again. The laughter around him is infectious, it turns out, as he pauses, pushes his hat off, smiles, and yells out a few “yeah!” noises before barreling full speed towards the altar.

He’s then snagged by mom at the last second and picked up, but what a truly memorable entrance!

Among the comments left on the video were those who found the little one’s antics hilarious, with notes such as: “Looks like he running for a touchdown. YEAH. So cute” and “Like that drunk uncle, who crashes your party.”

Another person remarked what the kid might have been thinking: “Hey the party has arrived… Screw this hat.”

On social media, there were plenty of sweet comments left about the video, with one person sharing: “The innocence of young children is by far the most beautiful. Love their spontaneous reaction.”

Other similar videos of young wedding party members are all over YouTube, with one showing a particularly tiny ring bearer who is definitely not clear on his task. He walks down the aisle with pillow in hand, arrives at the altar, and chucks it at a bridesmaid. While he made the journey from point A to point B, his delivery wasn’t quite expected.

Or check out the video from America’s Funniest Home Videos titled “Screaming Flower Girl.” The title is all you need, as she comes screeching down the aisle at a full run. The video’s description explains that she had this reaction after she was told she had to hold hands with the ring bearer — her brother.