Tiger Gives Birth To Lifeless Cub, Only To Have Motherly Instincts Immediately Kick In

If there is one miracle that is still a mystery, it is the miracle of birth. To think that a male and a female conceive of a new life and that tiny life grows and develops inside the mother’s womb. When the time comes, the little one emerges into the world, whole and good, and brings something brand new into existence, and it is exciting, and it is miraculous.

While the process of human pregnancy all the way to birth is utterly breathtaking, it is just as much so for animals. When we get a chance to witness a majestic creature birthing a new life into the world, we cannot help but be transported to another place entirely. It lifts us out of our everyday lives and reminds us that there is something grander at work here in our universe.

In the viral video below, you’ll watch as Kaitlyn the Sumatran tiger gives birth. It is a rare process for humans to witness. Sumatran tigers usually only give birth in the most private conditions, but because Kaitlyn was at the Australia Zoo, her caretakers were able to get the magnificent act on video.

The Australia Zoo was opened by Steve Irwin’s parents, Bob and Lyn Irwin on June 3, 1970. He helped feed the crocodiles since he was a child, and made a name for himself working with animals from around the world. Since his passing more than a decade ago, his daughter Bindi continues to follow in his footsteps and has a significant role at the Australia Zoo.

But the birthing scene from the Sumatran tiger’s pen was another thing entirely. Because these tigers are among some of the most critically endangered animals on the planet, the cubs needed to be born. It was critical for the baby to survive.


Only about 400 to 600 Sumatran tigers live in the wild in their natural habitat. Deforestation continues to erode their homes and poachers hunt them for their coats.

Other species of tigers including the Bali and Javan tigers have already gone extinct. That means the world will not have any of these big cats roaming the planet ever again. And if people are not careful, the beautiful Sumatran tiger could also meet its end. And that would be a tragedy.

In the video, you’ll see as Kaitlyn stimulates the first cub after it is born. Because it needs its mother to survive, her tongue helps stimulate the baby’s lungs. And as it gasps for air, Kaitlyn licks more furiously, helping it along and making it even stronger with each kiss.

The video below went viral back in June 2015. And it is just as interesting now as it was on that day. It has earned more than 42 million views since it was released and people keep watching it every day.

In the clip, you’ll watch as Kaitlyn helps her cubs as they emerge into the world. She is a strong mother and the type needed to help keep the Sumatran tiger species thriving on planet Earth.