This Baby’s First Words After Trying Peas For The First Time Had Me Smiling All Day

Babies are too cute when they’re maneuvering the details of learning to talk. It’s not always perfect, but it’s likely pretty adorable. Finding the words can be challenging, given their limited vocabulary and oftentimes burbles with a conversational tone seem to get the message across well enough. In the case of little Olivia, while taking on her first taste of peas, she more than gets the message across in her facial expression.

The excitement of a new flavor coming into her repertoire is exciting — that is until it hits her mouth.

Olivia is all crinkled eyebrows and her face is saying “yuck,” even if she doesn’t have the words to articulate it. It’s clear enough that she’s no fan of pea baby food, but then she blurts out her first words.

What other six-month-old baby’s first words are what Olivia said, clear as day? Not likely many babies have uttered this, but Olivia wants to let mom and dad know that this baby food just isn’t for her.

Watch the video as they have Olivia seated in the high chair in anticipation of her first vegetable. Mom and dad build it up as pretty exciting, but things quickly take a downward turn.


She’s a little agitated at the start as her pacifier is taken away so they can capture this magic moment of Olivia’s first taste of the vegetable, but she quickly calms and dad is at the ready with the spoonful of green muck.

Dad brings the spoon to the baby’s mouth and she’s willing to try, given that most times when a spoon approaches, it’s all good.

She takes the goop and her immediate reaction is not happy as she spits most of it right back out. Dad is heard saying, “aw, she doesn’t like it.”

Dad is willing to give it another go, in case she warms to the taste of peas and Olivia is a bit more hesitant to let this spoonful in, but dad plunks it in her mouth. Nope. Back out it comes!

That’s when Olivia lets mom and dad know what she’s thinking about the new food, telling them: “I done” as dad tries with a third spoon of peas.

Dad is surprised to hear Olivia’s words and another approach with the spoon is a no-go. He asks mom, “why would you get peas” and she explains that you’re supposed to start with a vegetable that’s not sweet when you introduce it to a baby.

Dad gets one more scoop in and Olivia smacks the highchair tray and the experiment is over, with dad saying, “I’m not doing this,” as he cleans up every last bit of peas from Olivia’s face.

Among the many comments left on the cute video of Olivia’s first words was one person who noted the display of hitting the tray was a sign, as they explained: “She was beating the tray on her high chair like how wrestlers beat the mat when they’re done and can’t take anymore/quit. Awww poor thing.”