She Heard Moaning Come From Her Baby’s Monitor And Then Realizes The Baby Isn’t Alone

Baby monitors help parents keep track of their infants while they’re busy doing something in another part of the house. My wife and I used one when we first started having my daughter sleep in her own room. Because she is our first child, we were worried about her and wanted to make sure that we’d hear her if she cried in the middle of the night (we should have known better because she’s such a loud crier!).

Baby monitors give parents comfort and help babies stay safe. Unless you hear a strange voice coming from the monitor and realize that someone has found a way into your baby’s room.

The story starts with the day Benita married Roy Rogers. During their first dance, they whispered about how they were ready to start a family. But things did not prove to be as easy as they sounded on their wedding night. Benita experienced three miscarriages, and their hopes of starting a family seemed to be drifting away from them.

Then a black cat walked across their path. They adopted him, and within a year of them taking him in, Benita was pregnant again. While most others consider black cats bad luck, Benita knew “Midnight” was her good luck token.

This time Stacey was born. And she was healthy. Because Benita had had such horrible experiences with childbirth before, she and Roy were very protective, to say the least, about Stacey. Plus, she had Midnight to watch her.

When the baby was just six weeks old, Benita put her down to nap. She joined her parents in the living room. Midnight was acting very strange. He kept vying for Benita’s attention, which was unlike him. The cat grew even more frantic. Then Midnight ran from the room because mom would not pay him any mind.


Then she heard a horrible moaning sound coming from the baby monitor. She thought it was just static. The sound changed from a moan to a screech and back again. Suddenly, Benita sensed that something was very, very wrong. She leaped into action and rushed to the baby’s bassinet.

Midnight was next to the baby monitor making the terrible sounds. His leaping into and out of her lap had not gotten her attention. So he had stopped at nothing until she checked on Stacey

And that’s when Benita saw the horror. Stacey had respiratory failure. Within the length of a moment, Benita ran through all the worst-case scenarios in her head. She had already lost three other babies, so she was primed for the worst.

Oprah featured the incident on her network’s YouTube page. Check it out below. People have shared many comments about the incredible moment, including:

“That’s why I’m proud to be called a crazy cat lady. I don’t care. Animals are the REAL angels.”

“Cats sense disease and pain in humans. Some animals really have this protective role over human babies. I have seen it so many times.”

What do you think about this cat’s instinct to save the infant’s life?