People Want This Driver Arrested After Seeing What They Did To Kids At School Bus Stop

Drivers have a huge responsibility when they are on the road. They know this, but there are times that they don’t seem to care. This is one of the main concerns of parents when their children are leaving the house for school. Sometimes, no matter how careful they are, they would come across an irresponsible driver that can put their lives at risk.

A video is going viral that gave parents a reason to worry. This is surveillance footage captured outside of the Cota-Robles house located in Gilford, New Hampshire.

Two young boys are headed off to school. They are walking down the driveway and the bus can be seen pulling up on the other side of the road. It is clear that the bus has its stop signs out but it seems like someone didn’t see it and this almost robbed these boys their young lives!

As seen on the footage, the boys are accompanied by their mom, Lindsay Cota-Robles. Once they are almost at the end of the driveway, she let her kids walk on their own not knowing that this would put their lives in danger. One of her sons stepped into the road when a car quickly passed by him – almost hitting him out of nowhere!

If the boy took another step forward, we know that it would end into a tragic accident all because of a reckless driver who is being ignorant of his surroundings. This is the reason why school buses have a STOP sign. As soon as a driver sees it, he or she knows better than to speed up.

When the school buses have the stop sign up and they are flashing their lights, the other drivers need to slow down.


But the driver did the exact opposite.

Lindsay shared this on Facebook even though she was initially doubtful whether to share the video publicly or not. She wrote, “…school is back in session and school bus safety should be one of our number one priorities. Please share this and make others aware of the dangers of careless or distracted drivers.”

Her post instantly went viral and thousands of people shared her story, hoping that they can help prevent something like this from happening and turn into a sad tragedy. She added:

“My son was almost seriously hurt when this driver did not stop for the buses flashing lights. Thank you.”

Accidents are preventable if drivers are being extra cautious while on the road. This kind of situation can happen to anyone. For reckless drivers, we do not have full control over that. Pretty sure they have been reminded millions of times to be careful when driving. What parents can do is to teach the kids to be safe as much as possible.

Never forget to remind them every day the basics – to look both ways before you cross the road. In our end, this is the only way that we can make sure that they are safe and out of danger.

This driver definitely should not have a license to drive. We all know that driving past a stopped bus is more than just an illegal offense. It is very dangerous for our youngsters in the community. If this situation turned out badly, the driver could have ruined his own life by being put behind bars and would regret what he did for the rest of his life.