Mom Left Baby Home With Dad. When She Returned, The Baby’s Face Looked Completely Different

Moms and dads often have different styles of parenting and when a baby is used to spending a lot of time with mom, it’s interesting to see what the dad brings to the table when he is taking care of their little one. A dad named Bartosz shared a video of his experience with his little girl, which he titled: “What happens when my wife leaves me alone with our baby.”

Okay, dad, you’ve got our attention. Bartosz posts videos on his YouTube channel under the name Perfect Daddy, so you know this will be entertaining. So, mom leaves dad with the baby duties and it’s maybe the most fun father-daughter moment around, with over seven million views on the video!

The video kicks off with little Emily on her tummy and dad has the camera pointed at her face to capture every cute moment. Emily is having a good time cooing and giggling as dad hums at her — she responds with a big toothless smile and a laugh.

This is starting off pretty cute already, but then dad does something unexpected, totally changing her facial expression in a bizarre way. Watch as this dad gives his daughter’s face a little transformation — no, he didn’t put makeup on his baby — he stuck big thick eyebrow stickers above her eyes. It’s comedy gold!

Emily is totally in on the joke too, sitting patiently while dad gets the funny eyebrows positioned just right, making little baby noises until they’re in place and then dad pulls back on the camera a bit to get the full effect. Amazing!


But wait… there’s more! Now dad has a little something extra special to pull the whole look together. He applies a big mustache above her lip and she opens her mouth wide. She doesn’t hate it, that’s for sure. Oh wait, just a bit more facial hair to complete the face, and now Emily has a little patch of black sticker under her mouth, as dad begins to giggle at his creation.

Emily is clearly amused by his reaction, as she burbles out a big baby belly laugh, followed by some excited shrieking. This is a pretty special dad and baby moment, unlike any other. He pulls the camera in close and gets her excited face in the shot as Emily gives another adorable laugh over the whole situation.

People commenting on the silly fun couldn’t get over how adorable this is, with one person noting: “I LOVE how the baby is most likely laughing because the dad is also laughing/smiling. Just pure happiness.”

Another commenter joked: “This is why us men can’t be left alone without adult supervision.” One person added: “That baby suddenly looks so much more sophisticated and yet so much more sinister.”

Still others found this adorable video to be the perfect cure for any sadness, as one commenter noted: “ Brilliant video… I love your sense of humor and baby is just so cute” and another person remarked: “Can’t believe I spent hundreds of dollars on therapy for my depression when all I needed to do was watch this 53 second video!!”