Johnny Depp Hospital Photos Released

Johnny Depp has had a tumultuous relationship with his girlfriend, Amber Heard. Their problems have been public and in the tabloids, with Depp alleging that Heard is abusive to him. In 2015, Depp claimed that Heard threw two bottles at him in a fight while they were in Australia. He also claims that she put a cigarette out on his face. But Amber Heard has a different account of events.

Heard and her legal team deny all the allegations and instead claim that Depp is the abusive one. Their position is that Johnny Depp’s claims are an attempt to deflect attention away from how abusive Depp has been in the past. Heard has been seen in public with bruises on her face, and she claims Johnny Depp put them there.

Now, a photo that is allegedly from the hospital stay after Heard put the cigarette out on Depp’s face has been released. Depp’s attorney says that the image of him with a circular mark on his face proves that Heard abused him.


Heard’s attorneys say that the photos prove nothing and believe it was all fabricated.

Despite their up and down relationship, it’s clear the couple have had good times together, but it’s clear that the bad times outweigh the good.

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