Five Farmers Perform Their Own Rendition Of Country Classic And It Goes Viral Immediately

There’s nothing like watching a group of performers dance to a country song. If you live in the city, then any type of rain often puts a damper on activities.

It’s often difficult to just take an umbrella with you along with your briefcase or other supplies that you need for work or for running errands around town.

However, farmers enjoy the rain as it means their crops are getting the water that they need. If it doesn’t rain, then it can mean a difficult year for farmers.

Five farmers in Canada decided to perform a dance while it wasn’t raining to try to bring about a few downpours.

They danced to “I’ve Got Friends In Low Places” by Garth Brooks and didn’t disappoint the people who were paying attention to their performance.

five farmers country classic


All of the boys grew up working on the farm together as it’s been a family affair for years.

They know that you need to have faith and that you also need to be able to have a little fun when times might not always be the greatest.

As the men started singing and dancing, they changed the lyrics a bit to reflect how they feel about the lack of rain and the crops that they have.

Once the video was posted online, almost 2 million people watched the farmers while they danced in front of tractors and between the rows of crops that desperately need rain to grow.

During the summer months, the men performed at festivals when they were younger, which is how they have experience singing and dancing.

Viewers have noted that the attitudes of the men are positive throughout the entire process of waiting on rain.

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