Farmer Writes Message In Snow That Certain People Say Is Offensive, Refuses To Apologize

Now, this is one way to spread the joy of the holidays.

We are all obligated to share the spirit and message of Christmas in every way and manner that we can.

Your own way could be through creating Christmas cards and giving them out to the people you love.

Maybe your way is by baking cookies and taking them to your place of work in order to share them with the people who you work with.

Or maybe you have an awesome voice and you decide to cargo caroling with others in order to spread the message of Christmas through songs.


However, one group at Prunty Farms decided to do something quite unconventional in order to bring the joy and cheer of the holidays to people.

After the field had been filled up with about 10 inches of snow, one of the farmers got on the tractor and began on his own special Christmas mission.

All farmer Dan had was a single chance to get this right. He knew that if he was to do it right, then he would need to call on his years of experience riding the tractor, and if this worked, then there was no doubt that it was going to reach- and touch- a lot of people.

Because he wanted to get a message writer in the snow, he had just a single chance to get it right. It wasn’t possible for him to go back and fix the snow to freshen it in case he should make a mistake as everything would already have been pushed down.

The other workers at Prunty Farms had a lot of faith in Dan, and they believed in his ability to do it. To wit, they sent a camera launching into the sky as soon as Dan set out in order to record the entire thing for the rest of the world to be able to enjoy.

Dan drove the tractor through the vast field while his colleague go everything on camera. Although Dan could not actually see what he was doing, he had faith that his efforts were being guided by the spirit of Christmas.

Dan planned to drive the tractor across two acres of free land and as he was busy with that, another Prunty Farms employee launched the drone so as to film the magic unfolding from the sky. Although nobody really knew the result until the whole thing was done, they all had faith that it was all going to work out for the best.

And it definitely did that.

The people at Prunty Farms prayed that the end result of Dan’s actions would release people. At the end, it did more than that and went on to become a viral Internet sensation. And even though it was filmed 2 years ago, it has resurfaced, and the reviews remain as stellar as the last one.

Prunty Farms wrote, “What do you get when you combine a drone, a tractor and 10” of snow? A TWO SCRE MERRY CRISTMAS. We definitely hope that Santa gets to see this as he flies over on Christmas Eve!!!

Viewers were also completely blown away.

Some of their comments include, “This is very nice. Thank you, and Merry Christmas”

Another wrote, “Wow. This is nice and cool”