Authorities Have Scary Warning For Anyone Who Bought Strawberries Or Apples Recently

We do groceries regularly and we are always careful about choosing the things that we put in our cart. We check the labels, make sure about the expiry date, and make sure that the fruits and vegetable that we pick are fresh. We always look for any physical signs that can tell us that this is a good product or not.

Aside from the dreaded E.coli, there are recent cases where people were discovering needles in their fruits! These incidents have been reported all across Australia and people are worried about the copycats who might want to add to the chaos.

The Public Health authorities across the country are warning Australian to be alert when choosing these fruits because several incidents have already been reported. One man was sent to the hospital after he bit into a strawberry and accidentally taking half of the sewing needle with it. However, he is not the only one who has been a victim of this mysterious attack.

A 7-year-old girl also discovered a needle in her strawberries but she was lucky that she did not injure herself.

The main concern right now is that copycats are also tampering with other fruits. A mom was peeling an apple for her daughter and she realized that there is a needle shoved into it. She already heard about the strawberries and thought that apples would be safe to eat this time, but she was wrong.


She was lucky that she peeled the fruit first before giving it to her daughter, which normally doesn’t do it. She said:

“My kids just grab them and bite into apples normally. I’ve seen the news about strawberries and I’ve been vigilant in cutting those up for the girls, but to see this in an apple… I actually thought these were safe.”

The Australian Police are now acting to make sure that this is stopped. They are determined to find out who is tampering these fruits and they even offered a $72,000 reward to those who can provide with any details about the case.

The Premier and Minister for Trade Annastacia Palaszczuk said that whoever is behind this is not only putting families at risk all across Queensland and Australia, but they are also putting the entire industry at risk.

The company affected with these needle-filled strawberries is the Queensland Strawberries and they have been open about the issue. They also released a statement on their Facebook account claiming that they are aware of what is happening. They stated that at this time, they have a reason to suspect disgruntled ex-employee who may have orchestrated the occurrence. Two labels are currently affected; the Berry Licious and the Berry Obsession.

The company is calling for their clients to remain calm as the number of reported cases is not that alarming as some media outlets have been reporting recently. They said that they are looking at a very small number of confirmed cases related to these brands; two in Queensland, and another two in Victoria.

However, as the day goes by, new cases are being reported but the company is trying to guarantee that this will never happen again.

Farmers suspect a disgruntled employee for the first cases of strawberry sabotage, but police say it could be anyone in the supply chain having found five needles so far. @PaulKadak #7News

— 7 News Sydney (@7NewsSydney) September 13, 2018

There are no similar incidents reported outside Australia but there is a chance that a copycat may try to bring this issue everywhere in the world. Make sure that your fruit is safe to eat by cutting into your strawberries and apples before eating them.