After Learning This Simple Trick I’ll Never Serve Another Brown Avocado Again

There’s almost nothing as satisfying as cutting open an avocado to find it perfectly ripe inside, a beautiful shade of green, and oh-so-creamy. There’s almost nothing worse than cutting an avocado open and discovering that it’s brown and putrid. Thankfully, there’s a genius avocado hack that is simple enough and will ensure you can keep beautifully ripe avocados on hand at all times.

It might be something you’ve never even considered. Did you know that you can freeze avocados and they hold up beautifully? Yeah. Neither did we.

If you’ve ever used half of the fruit and tried to wrap up the remaining half and put it in your refrigerator for later use, you’ve likely been very disappointed to find it already severely browned when you unwrap it the next day.

Worst of all, if you miss that perfect window of ripeness, you not only miss out on that perfect taste and texture, you’ve also taken a monetary hit because avocados are typically pricey.

You can easily freeze avocados and everything you need to know is in this video. Jodi Brown shares this tip which is especially helpful if you buy a large quantity of the items on sale and can’t use them quickly enough.


First, clean the avocados and slice in half to prepare them to be frozen on a cookie sheet. Scoop the insides out and place them face up on the sheet, making sure to include the dark green part close to the skin. Jodi explains that you’ll want to freeze them separately because if you put more than one in a bag, they will clump together and be difficult to pull apart for single uses.

Freeze the scooped avocado on the cookie sheet for a couple of hours or overnight and remove with a spatula if they stick before placing them in a plastic bag. They can then be used anytime you don’t have a fresh avocado on hand. You can use them still frozen and add to a smoothie or defrost the fruit and use in guacamole or other recipes.

Among the many comments left on social media were those who offered their own tips, was one person shared: “Let them ripen on the counter and then put them in the fridge until you’re ready to eat them. They stay perfect for at least a week. You’re welcome.”

Another person noted: “I do this, but backwards. I put them straight in the fridge and pull them out one or two at a time to sit on the counter to ripen and eat. Works great for us.”

One commenter offered this helpful hack: “My husband and I used to make huge batches of guacamole any time avocados were on sale and freeze it in a 3-4 person serving size in Ziploc baggies with all of the air sucked out. People’s minds were blown when we would have guac on hand all the time. Defrost on the counter or in the microwave for a little bit. Not too much because warm guac is weird!”