Adorable 7-Year-Old Girl Stands Up And Explains Childbirth To The Entire Class

Kids are very curious about a lot of things adults are already very familiar with. We’re bored of these topics, but to children, they’re full of intrigue!

One such area of interest for young kids is childbirth. This teacher has a particularly funny story to share about that!

With fifteen years of experience, two kids of her own, and plenty of life experience, she thought she’d heard about birth in every way possible – until Erica, one of her second-grade students, decided to talk about something rather interesting for show-and-tell.

Show-and-tell in this teacher’s classroom typically goes by without any incident. Children bring in small pets, pictures, model toys, and other items that are simple and tame.

There’s no limitation placed on the event, so kids can pretty much discuss just about anything they’re able to bring to school with them.


Erica, known for being outgoing and quite bright, had a special show-and-tell prepared one fine day.


She went to the front, holding a pillow inside her sweatshirt, over her tummy, making her stomach look very big.



She began by showing the class a picture she was carrying of her younger brother named Luke, still just a tiny baby.

That’s when she revealed her plan – she was going to talk about his birth!

To begin with, Erica explained that her parents made Luke as a love symbol, with her father supposedly putting a seed that would grow the baby in her mother’s stomach.

She explained how Luke grew while in her mom’s tummy, eating all his food for nine months through what she referred to as an “umbrella” cord.

By this point, all her classmates were listening in awe and her teacher was stifling laughter!


Then, Erica told everyone that two weekends ago, her mother suddenly started crying out.

She demonstrated for the class by placing a hand on her back and groaning, as though in pain, and she began to do a hilarious duck walk around the front of the classroom in imitation of her mother.

She then said her dad rang up what she called the “middle wife”, who she clarified to the class delivers babies, but her car doesn’t have a sign like a Domino’s delivery man.

Erica then lay down, propping herself up against the wall, saying that her mom did the same in bed.

She said that her mom kept a special bag of water for Luke in her tummy so Luke wouldn’t get thirsty and that it exploded out of her and popped, spilling all the water on the bed.

Erica even had a sound effect to accompany it as she mimed water flowing out from her legs. Her teacher was nearly hysterical by then!


Erica finished her story by saying that the “middle wife” told her mom to breathe and push, then began to count – but before they got to 10, Luke came right out!



He was, according to her, covered in gross things from a “play center”, so her mom probably had a lot of things in her!

Erica then bowed low and returned to her seat amidst claps from the whole class and her teacher.

It’s safe to say that the teacher got a huge kick out of Erica’s tale and the classroom’s stunned expressions!